Taejoong Kim


„The novel ‚One Hundred Years of Solitude'(Cien años de soledad) of Márquez (Gabriel García Márquez) is a chronicle of a family over the 6 generations. There are one hundred characters inside the story, but every person inside it feels solitary. I especially notice that the more characters feel lonely the more they conceal and reclude by themselves from other people.
The Spanish word ‚Soledad‘ and the English word ‚Solitude‘ are originated from the latin word ‚Solitas‘. Moreover, there is a meaning of discontinuation of one’s own will from the outside world. Also, the emotion of ‚Solitas‘ is generated from the relationship with the other people like the simple loneliness. However, ‚Solitas‘ differs from the loneliness because it voluntarily becomes alone and want the condition of itself.
The character in my art works offers the limited information about himself. Therefore, we cannot know who the character is if we don’t have an intimate relationship with the character. It is a sort of a denial. The character who is fatigued with the existing relationship negates the new formation of relationship. The character takes firms self-will and consistently denies enter into the ‚Solitas‘.“

Taejoong Kim, Seoul


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