Jongwoo Hong

‘Uncut’ is a project to produce photography image reminds of movie scenes. the movie is about ordinary person’s life and the photography is showing outtake scene which is editted and cut by thier own choice.
‘Uncut Version’ means specially edited version in movie which is different from original screening version in theater.
The reason for the difference between original version and uncut version is editing by film company not by director because of the censorship of violence, sensation and commercial strategy.
After screening in theater, movie director release uncut version without regarding those regulations. Just imagine our life is being made into movie, which scenes are cut by our own censorship(which you do not want to show)?

To produce the personal scene which they want to hide, I need to know what they do not want to expose their feeling to others so I start interviews first with young generation in twenties. I found out people usually goes their personal places alone in night and thinking about worries. The places where they going alone are public and exposed places but on the other hand those places are personal and has particular relationship with their own worries and circumstances especially in night and alone.
In ‘Uncut project’, I follow interviewees when they go to their special places and make up the place as cinema stage, people as character in movie. I visualize the connection between place and personal matters and make subtitles extract from the interview so that audience can sympathy and imagine the character’s matters and emotions.
When a photography can remind people of movie scene, the reaction of audience is becoming totally different from when people appreciating just normal photography.
Movie is such a familiar media to people, audience who appreciate photography looks like movie scene, are naturally imagine the story behind it, identifying themselves as the character in movie, feel empathy. For leading this active empathy, display is so important. In theater, there are some factors for people to feel empathy and identifying with character easily, those factors are comfortable seats, floor with soft carpet, perfect temperature, surrounding sound system, dark room and so on. Some of those factors are very effective to exhibit this project.

UNCUT – Jongwoo Hong


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