Gihun Noh


„My home town, Gumi where the place had a big effect on me, is a
light industry city located in Gyung Book, Korea. The citizens in
Gumi consist of young generation early thirties, and there is a catchphrase
for the city called ‚YES! GUMI‘ comes from the acronym
‚Young/Youthful, Electronic, Satisfaction Gumi‘
When I was young, the fathers wore working jumper instead of suit
at work, and he was not at home as he was on a night shift. Many of
my old friends and young girls from all over the country also pass
their youth as factory hands in Gumi with their complicated stories.
I think those people are quite beautiful. I hope my works could show
you the scenes of the Gumi’s beauty.“
Gihun Noh,

Opened eyes in the morning (Eun Mi Choi)

In the morning, I feel disarray with my eyes opening
Long time
Slow walking
Cold body temperature
The day will come to tickle me
I Tie my shoelaces
I adjust my glasses and say hi to somewhere
I can not say that word
But I may say that later
I am happy but sad
I hope someone left me feels the same as me